Business Services

Business Services
Working with Businesses

Working with Business

The School of Computing and Communications (SCC) works with business of all sizes in many ways, including contract and collaborative research, supporting student projects, placements and part-time and full-time work, training, guest lectures (both ways) and events for businesses.


SCC is based in InfoLab21, a Centre of Excellence for Information & Communications Systems (ICT). InfoLab21 also provides office space for resident companies and has a department dedicated to working with businesses and facilitating knowledge and technology transfer.

InfoLab21's Business Development Team provides a free matching service for businesses looking for ICT expertise, support, and collaboration with SCC.

For more details contact:

David Oliver, Business Relationship Officer

tel: 01524 510466
Twitter: @D_A_Oliver

Key unique services for businesses facilitated by the KBC include:

Joint Research

Joint research projects are an effective way to carry out research that is of interest to both the SCC and your business. These are often a great way to get access to high quality research talent and to achieve major innovations. There are several funding programmes that can cover a proportion of your costs (typically from 50-100% depending on the funding source and framework), making these types of project a very cost effective way of getting R&D done. There are also lighter weight types of engagement, such as acting as an advisor to a project, pledging access to expertise or resources, or offering letters of support for research proposals. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • I want to source a particular type of ICT expertise, what do I do?
  • Contact Business Relationship Officer, David Oliver tel: +44 (0)1524 510466
  • How do I find out about technology events for businesess at SCC?
  • See the events calendar