Dr. Ioannis Chatzigeorgiou, Lecturer

Dr. Ioannis Chatzigeorgiou, Lecturer

Contact Details

Phone: +44 1524 510304
Physical address:
Office B43, InfoLab21
Lancaster University
Lancaster LA1 4WA
United Kingdom

Dr. Ioannis Chatzigeorgiou

Research Interests

Ioannis works on the mathematical modeling, error probability analysis and design of forward error-correcting codes, iterative detection and decoding techniques, mutliple-input multiple-output (MIMO) communications, cooperative systems and low-complexity relay-assisted networks. He has also contributed to research on scalable and resilient contention-based MAC protocols for wireless access control.

Research themes: Communications and networking

Select Publications

  • Tassi, A., Chatzigeorgiou, I. and Vukobratovic, D. Resource allocation frameworks for network-coded layered multimedia multicast services. In IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications, 33 (2): 141-155, 2015. DOI  BibTeX
  • Chatzigeorgiou, I. Conditions for cooperative transmission on Rayleigh fading channels. In Vehicular Technology Conference (VTC Fall), 2014 IEEE 80th, IEEE, 2014. DOI  BibTeX
  • Chatzigeorgiou, I. Bounds on the Lambert function and their application to the outage analysis of user cooperation. In IEEE Communications Letters, 17 (8): 1505-1508, 2013. DOI  BibTeX
  • Chatzigeorgiou, I., Guo, W., Wassell, I. J. and Carrasco, R. A. Exact and Asymptotic Outage Probability Analysis for Decode-and-Forward Networks. In IEEE Transactions on Communications, 59 (2): 376-381, 2011. DOI  BibTeX
  • Roman, B., Wassell, I. and Chatzigeorgiou, I. Scalable Cross-Layer Wireless Access Control Using Multi-Carrier Burst Contention. In IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications, 29 (1): 113-128, 2011. DOI  BibTeX
  • Chatzigeorgiou, I., Rodrigues, M. R. D., Wassell, I. J. and Carrasco, R. A. Analysis and Design of Punctured Rate-1/2 Turbo Codes Exhibiting Low Error Floors. In IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications, 27 (6): 944-953, 2009. DOI  BibTeX

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