The quantified self movement has advanced the revolution of incorporating technology into acquisition of a person’s daily life input, such as dietary and fitness.

MyLifeRocket focuses on life-style habits and well-being. It is a web-based self-tracking platform for people to report their behaviour/thought/mood. The system empowers people to create their own experiments and manually track aspects of their life in order to assess the effectiveness of small interventions. For example, a user can experiment “Will I sleep better if I stop checking emails after 10pm?”. In which case the user can test the effect of their email usage on their sleep quality.

MyLifeRocket also incorporates social networking features which allow friends to join experiments, as well as share and discuss their experience.

We invited over 50 participants to test the system, and our study results show that MyLifeRocket helps people to realise how small life-style changes can improve their well-being.

Below is an example video of creating an experiment with MyLifeRocket: