Squeeze Diary vs Text Diary

Recording a diary entry during busy moments can be disruptive, as existing diaries require users to enter a description, but the users are often too busy to reflect immediately. We designed SqueezeDiary to separate the recording from the reflection.

This is a small project that we conceived while thinking about how people can record “switches”. We developed two types of mobile digital diaries for recording instances of events: a text diary and a squeeze diary.

A text diary (source code) is a simple digital diary; at the moment when a user wants to record an instance of a “switch”, the user can simple enter a diary entry directly into app.

A squeeze diary (source code) requires a squeeze sensor. Instead of entering a diary entry immediately, the user can simply squeeze the sensor to record an instance but without reflecting on the detail immediately. When the sensor is squeezed, the application stores the time, the location and the pressure. The user can review the stored instances later and add diary information.

Here are two demo videos of our mobile diary applications:

Squeeze Diary

Text Diary


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